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A little bit about us...

Sanctum is an Alliance-side, family-friendly, community-based guild that transferred to The Underbog (US) from the Mal'Ganis server. Our guild was founded in 2006.  Being a "community guild" means we put friendships/relationships first.  It also means our guildchat/vent will be free from offensive content of any type. Real Life for us will always hold precendence over the game.  We will raid all the instances available to us, but at a non-hardcore, casual pace.  We also love PVP.  We want this game to be fun for our members and do not want to force anyone to play a certain way.  We want to stay small enough to know each person in the guild very well, to create a family-type atmosphere, yet large enough to attend raids consistently.  Several of us are alt-oholics and play them very frequently.

Currently we have approximately 30 active members and are looking to grow! We will always open our arms to any player who is seeking our type of atmosphere. We have no particular class/role preferences, nor do we require only players with experience. We are looking for community members, who are willing to learn and grow together regardless of their experience level or prior accomplishments.

We appreciate you taking the time to read our site and our forums.  If this guild seems like a good fit for you please read over our Code of Conduct and post an application in the Recruitment section of our forums. 

Thank you!

Other Guild News

Sanctum Completes Tier 11

bondmykebond, Aug 30, 11 6:35 PM.
Sanctum, an Alliance guild on US-The Underbog, completed the normal Tier 11 content this weekend by downing Al'Akir. Six weeks or so after the release of Patch 4.2, but we are proud to have seen and completed the encounters none-the-less. Sanctum is the 25th guild on The Underbog to complete the three T11 raid instances on any difficulty.

Al'Akir gave us trouble in Phase 3, primarily coordinating the location of the raid in three dimensions. We were happy to not to have slogged through the learning process in a less forgiving time. It is likely that given enough attempts, we would have gotten through the flight phase, but we were glad to not have to try. Complete it we did, and accomplishment we felt.

With Nef and Cho'gall down in the last couple weeks, a number of our raiders won the Defender of a Shattered World title, and Exalted members are now eligible for the Dark Pheonix mount. It is a strong contender in the category of Prettiest Mount in Cataclysm, and a number of our members were very excited to acquire it!

Congrats to all present and a big thank you to all the raiding members who contributed to this final chapter in the first raiding tier of Cataclysm. We look forward to starting the Firelands raid in September!

More T11 Progress for Sanctum

bondmykebond, Aug 26, 11 8:48 AM.
While we may still be cleaning up some older content (in mostly tier-appropriate gear), it has still been several months since we could report two new raid bosses down in a single weekend of raiding. Yet, here we are! Nefarian is done, and work on Throne of the Four Winds has begun.

It took a couple days of raiding to figure out how to deal with phase 3 of the Nefarian fight, but with Woundweaver leading the way, we dealt with the adds and brought down Deathwing's most trusted minion. We were all very satisfied with this kill, and feel that the mechanics of the fight are still challenging despite the recent nerfs.

We also began work on Throne of the Four Winds this past weekend, downing the Conclave of the Winds and beginning work on Al'Akir himself. With a short look at phase 3 abilities, we feel ready to down the final normal mode boss this weekend!

We really enjoyed the Conclave fight with its back and forth phasing. We are looking forward to completing the Throne of the Four Winds and farming shoulder and head pieces for our raiders in preparation for the Firelands raid.

Cho'gall Down; Sanctum Clears Bastion of Twilight

bondmykebond, Aug 16, 11 8:01 PM.
Sanctum brushed off the dust from summer vacation long enough to enter in to the post-4.2 Bastion of Twilight raid instance in normal mode and finally defeat Cho'gall, our first end-raid boss of Cataclysm. We had to regroup after several attempts the first night and consider tactics, then downed him (them?) on our first attempt the second night. While the fight has been made easier through lowering the hit points and damage of the boss, we certainly feel satisfied that we mastered the mechanics, took him down, and did so without needing weeks of effort!

We plan to tackle both Nefarian and Al'Akir before venturing in to the Firelands raid. Onwards!

Sanctum is a casual, family-friendly alliance guild on The Underbog (US) server.  Looking for a supportive, mature community with raiding progress?  We are recruiting!  Click here for more information.
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